Coin Grading Information

Glenn Ogden Coins

Grading of a coin is a personal thing and you will find that it can vary from dealer to dealer.  We try our very best to grade coins to a satifactoy grade that we would like to purchase or own a coin in and that our customers are pleased with.

All references wrote beside coins are from ESC=English Silver Coinage from 1649.  Bull=English Silver Coinage Maurice Bull.  Spink=Coins of England

All Coins and Banknotes on this site are priced in £'s Sterling

Our coding for coins is as follows:

FDC - Proof - A coin struck with specially prepared dies, giving a superior mirror like finish. 

BU - Brilliant Uncirculated - A coin with its original mint lustre

UNC - Uncirculated -  A coin not having been in circulation but with possible signs of contact from other coins.

EF - Extremely Fine - In this grade the coin may look uncirculated but through a glass shows signs of contact/wear

VF - Very Fine - A coin that has been in circulation and is showing signs of wear.

F - Fine - A coin from circulation that is clearly showing signs of wear.

VG - Vey good - A coin that is worn but with readable date and legends.

Poor - A very worn coin, usually only collected in scarce dates.

LUS - Used for the word Lustre

We also use the signs + or - either side of the grade.

Obverse - This is the side of the coin bearing the Monarch's Head

Reverse - This is the side of the coin (tails side) that is regarded as being the least important side.